Adopting a business intelligence culture is a multi-phased project, which gradually builds and consolidates, so that all levels at the company can make informed, timely and effective decisions.

Our implementation approach helps our customers jump-start their BI culture, with solutions that are up-and-running in weeks.

And through a jointly defined change management program we help our customers deploy a solution that is aligned with their strategy, people, processes and technology, and that will translate into a mature BI organization.


To successfully design, build and deploy a business intelligence solutions, we rely on a team of knowledgeable functional and technical experts, led by experienced professionals that follow a practical and agile methodology, based on best practices and productivity driven tools, and following an approach that considers the following principles:


Quick-Hit Solutions

The journey to a matured BI culture is long and needs to be carefully planned. Considering "Quick Hits" as part of the early stages allows to immediately improve the decision making process and acts as an enabler to the delivery of the BI principles to the whole organization. 


Empower Self-Service Analytics

We encourage organizations to use MicroStrategy's self-service Data Discovery tools to empower business users to create and share their own insights, by helping them to gather governed and trusted data from diverse data sources (internal and external).


Change Management

By following and applying Change Management best practices and guidelines during the different phases of the project, we help our customers keep the proper alignment between technology, infrastructure, people and processes, while ensuring data quality compliant with the company's data governance policies.


Develop Dashboards When Needed

By using MicroStrategy's Monitoring tools, our team of experts can identify those user driven self-services analytics solutions that are candidates to be promoted to be a permanent report or dashboard. Our team of designers and developers will help in the design, development and deployment of these objects in the most efficient way.


Scalable & Focused Teams

Benefit from our ability to setup, organize and manage multiple teams of MicroStrategy and cloud platform experts from our Professional Services team complemented by certified strategic alliances, to deliver accelerated training, custom developments , and platform resources optimization.


Jump-Start your BI Culture

Our implementation approach provides our customers an infrastructure that brings together decision making groups from a variety of functions (owners, managers, operators, finance), based on a platform that allows monitoring based on real use metrics, which encourages in an incremental mode, business users to create their own analytics solutions to expand the power and reach of the BI platform.

Jump-start your Data Warehouse 

In challenging times good decision-making becomes critical. Businesses that are serious about utilizing technology to their advantage, need to consider creating their data warehouse as it becomes the main source of information to their Business Intelligence system for report generation, analysis, and presentation through ad-hoc reports, portals, and dashboards.

To use the data warehouse in an effective manner, data needs to be extracted periodically from the applications that support business processes and copied onto special dedicated environments where it can be validated, reformatted, reorganized, summarized, restructured, and supplemented with data from other sources. 

Building data warehouses and associated data integration processes from scratch may be costly, time consuming, and resource intensive. Fortunately, with The HADA Group’s Foundation product this process is simplified and dramatically reduces the effort and risks associated with traditional data warehousing deployments.

  • Rather than keeping data in several different places (such as inside CRM and/or ERP applications, social media accounts, and Excel spreadsheets), business owners can store data in one centralized location. This way, they can harness this centralized data to enhance strategic decisions, without having to aggregate different sources.

  • By storing their data in the same format compliant with the business rules and standards, each property and department will create results that are in sync with other properties and departments. This ensures data quality and uniformity, and as a result, business owners and executives can feel confident that their data is accurate, which will lead to more informed business decisions, made based on comprehensive information.

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Foundation Features

By using our Foundation product as part of the deployment process of the target enterprise business intelligence solution, we can achieve the following::

  • Our team of experts can provide a valuable quick-hit deliverable during the deployment process This will save our customers thousands of dollars typically incurred when creating a data warehouse from the blank slate typically provided in most RDBMS platforms, while still provide customization features to the out-of-the-box solution to meet their needs..

  • Our customer’s key business users and IT leaders can immediately begin populating the data warehouse in the early stages of the project. Users can maintain the information associated with all of their properties and business units, and map external sources to their respective business rules and standards. They can then capture source data from internal and external data sources in a consistent and effective manner.


Extend the Data Warehouse
Customers can add new tables and corresponding fields that can be maintained on-line or via MS Excel uploads & downloads.


Map External Data
Mapping feature translates source data from native coding structure into Foundation's standard coding.


Integrate External Data
Configurable ETL Processes allow manual or automated processing of external data from FTP sites.


Facilitate User Interface
Foundation’s User Interface can be customized to consider better ways for users to maintain the data based on their security profile.


Create New Report Layouts
Customers can easily create and maintain report layouts to include in custom dashboards.


Easily Adjust KPIs
Table based KPI Engine provides flexibility in the creation of configurable KPI's without any programming.


Dynamic Configuration Features


Easily maintain your business rules and standards

The out-of-the-box features of DWIM includes pre-defined key data dimensions (such as organizations or business units), their relationship with your type of properties, and the additional breakdown of analysis within each property (such as departments and accounts). This data can be easily adjusted and combined to establish your specific business rules under which all source data will be mapped to provide consistency in its analysis and facilitate data governance.


Configurable ETL Processes

Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes can be easily configured to allow manual or automated processing of external data from user defined ftp sites, or email attachments. Monitoring Alerts can also be edited to notify key users of various statuses, including processing errors or lack of data submission by predefined dates and times.


Targeted to multiple audiences, with customizable security based on user profile

Security can be established based on responsibility profile, property and department level to manage confidentiality, and these security profile rules are automatically synchronized with MicroStrategy's User Security settings. Pre-defined roles include corporate executives, regional managers, operations executives, property general managers and Business Line Executives, Department Heads, and key business analytical users.

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