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“I have a lot of data, but I don’t have the right information”

- Anonymous Executive             

At The HADA Group, we work to help our customers find the meaning behind each piece of data, converting it in relevant business information, presented in the most effective way, at the right time, and at the right place. 


By applying Enterprise Architecture and Program Management best practices, our team of experts work closely with our customer’s executives, business, and IT leaders in creating the blueprints of the target integrated enterprise Business Intelligence solution that best suits the company's priorities and capabilities, and that promotes self-service data discovery, in a trusted and governed data environment. 


Based on the blueprints created during the Architecture phase, our team of experts in Application & Data Integration and in MicroStrategy BI Development work closely with our customer, and their technology vendors, in delivering quick-hit and long term solutions, based on either pre-defined and pre-configured solutions, and/or based on customized solutions.

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